6 Best Personal Finance Apps for 2023

Personal finance has now become a crucial part of our lives. There are so many things that we want to do these days. We’re eager to experience new places and simultaneously save a portion of our total earnings for any potential situations in the future. And sometimes, it becomes hard to track all our expenses and incomes. So, here are some applications that will help you to keep better track of your finances:

  • Monefy: Monefy is a great finance organizer and money tracker that allows you to monitor receipts and payments in multiple currencies for better convenience. It is secure with high-tech password protection that ensures all your data is safe and secure. With its built-in calculator, You can trust that all the calculations will be exact. You can also easily back up and export your data anytime and efficiently manage all your finances and payments. So, with Monefy, you can take control of your money in a savvy, straightforward, and secure approach.


  • Expense Manager: Expense Manager is one of the premier finance tracking apps and comes with lots of useful features. Keep a close eye on expenses and income. You can also take charge of debts, invoices, taxes, and more. The app makes it easy to categorize invoices and schedule recurrent payments. It also allows users to check their costs and incomes on a calendar, track transactions by category for improved understanding, and export and import account activities with a few clicks. Additionally, the program will automatically save data on Dropbox and Gmail Drive and provide charts and graphs for an easier grasp of expenses. 


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  • Groww: Groww is an app for investments in Mutual Funds, stocks, and gold. It categorizes schemes based on investor needs into high-return investments, tax-saving investments, and investments. Groww makes it easier than ever to manage your finances through its user-friendly interface. With real-time market updates and the ability to apply for IPOs at the click of a button, Groww ensures that you make the most of your investments. Moreover, you can use it as an expense manager by tracking your expenses and creating budgets for yourself. The app also has a portfolio analyzer that helps identify your risk profile and suggests the correct investment options.


  • Zerodha: Zerodha is a well-known investment platform that provides users with a simple and straightforward way to invest in mutual funds. It allows you to quickly create your SIP and modify it anytime you need to change any information. Furthermore, the Coin By Zerodha app has a fine-tuned user interface with easy navigation between financial schemes and an easily understandable investment calculator. In addition to the ability to view various financial schemes, ELSS funds, and tax filing instructions, it also offers comprehensive advice to help users make the right investment decisions. Through its detailed analytics system and various research tools, users can gain insight into markets and understand the risk associated with different investments. Moreover, Zerodha also provides portfolio management services that allow users to keep track of their investments and make sure they are up to date with the latest market trends. The user experience on Zerodha is quite intuitive as the app features are designed keeping the end user in mind. From creating a portfolio to executing trades, everything is designed for simplicity and convenience, enabling users to invest with ease and confidence.


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  • CRED: CRED makes paying credit card bills much more enjoyable by granting users appealing gifts and promotions when they make a payment. You can add all your credit cards to the app and receive reminders to make payments on time. It is easy to keep up with different billing cycles due to the support of CRED. Additionally, they award users with reward points when they make transactions; each point is equivalent to one rupee. These points can be swapped for luxurious items, thus making the payment process more fun. Furthermore, other CRED features like CRED Rent Pay, CRED Cash, and CRED Travel Store make paying with credit cards much more convenient. 


  • Supersplit: Supersplit is an app that comes in handy for splitting expenses with friends, colleagues, and flatmates. It allows the user to create a group in the app and add anyone they are splitting the expenses with, ranging from rent to other utilities. The app also makes tracking expenses and receiving payments easier as users can have a look at their past expenses and payments at any time. The unique selling point of Supersplit is that it sends reminders to each person in the group regarding payments and saves users the awkwardness of reminding them every time. This is particularly helpful when the group consists of people who don’t know each other well. Further, the app also has a chat feature where users can ask questions related to payments or split expenses, making it even more convenient. The app also allows users to set different payment methods, like bank transfers or cash payments, at their own convenience. Additionally, it provides a detailed summary of all the transactions, making it effortless to stay on top of who’s given what.



Managing personal finance can be difficult, but thank god for apps like these that provide us with the tools to make it a much easier task. Finance apps help us track our expenses to understand where our money is going and how we can better manage it. Furthermore, they allow us to make investments, pay off credit card debt, and even split amounts between friends. It has revolutionized how we handle our finances and how we are organized and in control of our financial situation.

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